Who we are

We are a young family that has chosen to live in close connection with the wild essence that dwells in Nature. We believe that it should be respected and valued in all its forms of expression, we care for it daily with great constancy and commitment, and in return we receive its gifts that nourish our souls and bodies. We love to transform its fruits and make them accessible to as many people as possible, in the hope of stimulating their sensitivity and awareness.
La Selva di Positano is a splendid estate between sky and sea, where centuries-old olive trees, citrus groves, and officinal plants form the backdrop to the ancient farmhouse dating back to the 1700s that still bears witness to the love of nature that guides our actions every day. Here is not only the headquarters of the natural cosmetics company, but also the La Selva association, which has been promoting yoga, naturopathy, aromatherapy, and cultural activities in synergy with our lifestyle for years.

In the heart of the Amalfi Coast: the birth of La Selva Positano

In the heart of the picturesque Amalfi Coast, where nature offers a spectacle of colours and scents, begins the story of Martha, founder of La Selva Positano, a temple dedicated to wellness and harmony with nature.

Martha: a unique artistic journey

Martha, deeply attached to the world of dance, began her artistic journey at the age of 9. As a young girl with the Balletto di Toscana and Aterballetto, then various collaborations with internationally renowned choreographers from Micha van Hoecke to Geroghe Iancu, until she honed not only her artistry but also her sensitivity towards beauty and balance.

Transformation in Positano: in search of harmony

Having become a mother, Martha’s life took a decisive turn. Feeling the call of new horizons, he moved to Positano, to a charming estate, formerly built by Basilian monks, overlooking the sea. In this earthly paradise, Martha immersed herself in the study of yoga, Naturopathy and, above all, aromatherapy. His life was enriched with new passions, transforming his approach to wellness and personal care.

The birth of Selva Positano: a symbol of harmony

This new phase in his life marked the beginning of Selva Positano natural cosmetics, a brand that today represents a symbol of natural well-being and harmony. Martha has managed to weave her diverse passions and knowledge into a single thread, resulting in a signature that stands out for its authenticity and commitment to holistic health.

La Selva Positano: a holistic experience

Selva Positano is much more than just a brand. It is a philosophy of life, an invitation to rediscover our intrinsic connection with nature. Through the practice of yoga, Ayurveda techniques and the skilful use of aromatherapy, Martha has created a unique experience that is reflected in every aspect of her work.

A comprehensive view of wellness: products and retreats

Selva Positano products are made from botanical, sustainable materials with a strong territorial connotation. Martha likes to call her cosmetics ‘minimalist wellness rituals for the care of the body and harmony of the soul’. La Selva Positano also offers retreats and workshops at its charming estate, where participants can immerse themselves in a complete wellness experience.

Martha: an ‘ongoing inspiration

Martha has become a source of inspiration, not only for those who seek a balance between body and mind, but also for those who aspire to personal transformation through respect and love for the environment. La Selva Positano continues to be a point of reference for anyone wishing to embark on a more conscious and harmonious life path.