Orange Blossom Hydrolate



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Pure delicately scented floral water obtained by steam distillation from the flowers of the bitter orange tree


Suitable for those with sensitive, dull and dry skin, as it offers rebalancing and revitalizing action. It is particularly effective in combating skin irritation and inflammation, acting as a powerful soother.

rebalancing for sensitive, dull and arid skin has a revitalizing action, tones, firms, refreshes and regenerates the epidermis, brightens the complexion and gives a revitalized look to the face. This product acts as a powerful soothing agent and, due to its exceptional properties, is especially effective on sensitive and reactive skin. In addition, it acts as a decongestant and inflammant, effectively combating irritation.

Usage advice:
botanical waters, play an essential role in your daily beauty ritual.

– Facial Toner: apply Orange Blossom Hydrolate to a reusable Natural Cotton Disk and gently dab the face after morning and evening cleansing. This will help tone the skin and refresh it.

– Refreshing spray: gently spray your face throughout the day for an instant fresh feeling. It is especially pleasant during hot days or after exposure to the sun.

– Gentle makeup remover: pour a little hydrolate onto a reusable Natural Cotton Disk and use it to gently remove makeup from your face and eyes.

– Refreshing for the body: you can also spray the hydrolate directly on the body after showering for a refreshing, scented sensation.

– Rebalances skin pH: Spray floral water on face and neck to rebalance skin pH after cleansing. This step also facilitates the application of subsequent treatments, improving their effectiveness.

Other uses:
apply it in synergy with Orange Blossom Regenerating Face Oil to facilitate absorption and provide the right amount of moisture. Just a few sprays of the product on your face and neck are sufficient; after that, you can proceed immediately with the application of the oil, gently massaging the skin.

Use it instead of soap for gentle cleansing that respects the skin’s ph and hydro-lipid balance.

Orange Blossom Hydrolate is effective not only on the skin, but also proves to be excellent for hair treatment, anti-frizz and de-frizzing, making hair soft and shiny. Its soothing properties not only counteract skin inflammation, but also act against excessive dryness of the hair.

Aromatherapeutic properties:
It gives serenity and calm. It leads to an optimistic outlook and a deep sense of peace. In aromatherapy it is used against insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Ingredients: pure orange blossom hydrolate extracted under steam.

Warnings: store away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 9 cm

Ingredients: Citrus Aurantium Amara Flower Water

Warnings: External use, Store away from heat sources and direct sunlight