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47 in stock

The botanical scent, which takes you on a timeless sensory journey of citrus and frankincense


Perfect for those who appreciate natural aromas and seek mental and physical well-being, for those who are sensitive to ecology and wish to avoid synthetic and intrusive products. Made from organic jojoba oil and pure essential oils.

Olfactory features:

“The lightness of citrus fruits, lemon and tangerine, combine with the freshness of petit grain and the sensuality of jasmine. The essence of frankincense gives the fragrance depth and inspiration. A flight to one’s well-being, accompanied by Mediterranean notes and oriental suggestions.”
Elena Cobez

Why “botanical perfume”?
Perhaps not everyone knows that so called botanical perfumery differs significantly from classical perfumery. Botanical perfumery is true to the ancient art of making perfumes using pure essential oils and plant extracts without the addition of any synthetic products, so we are talking about a completely natural perfume that respects the vitality and thus the intrinsic properties, energetics and vibrations of plants.

Above all, botanical perfumery is a tool for psychophysical well-being. For this reason, the ethos of botanical perfumery is not for everyone, only some people will enjoy it, those who love natural things, who seek wellness, who are ecologically conscious, and those who dislike chemical fragrances that are often too persistent and intrusive. Creating a perfume is a bit like telling a story, evoking emotions related to a fleeting moment and at the same time so intense that it remains indelible in the memory.
This precious extract of flowers, fruits and resins represents the soul of plants and preserves the memory of a magical encounter.

So here is our story to tell and smell!

Citrusy flight: the story of the birth of LiManGe perfume.
We were with Elena at the Selva sitting at sunset on one of the terraces where the citrus groves are strong presences, ancient trees that have known many families before us in a constant exchange of care and gifts offered. It was that hour when the light is tinged with deep reds and pinks and the sun’s rays come cutting in a striking play of light and shadow. Everything in that moment was an invitation to reach for those ripe fruits, to pick them, to sink with closed eyes into their sweet scent. So sitting among the golden grass with lemons and tangerines in our laps, we looked at the sea of Positano in front of us imagining caravans and sailing ships traveling the ancient incense route, 2400 kilometers, a six-month journey, crossing mountains, deserts and seas, a route where many cultures and religions came into contact.

We were telling about the extraction of resin and its processing into incense in the city of Sumhurum, in the ancient sultanate of Oman, a city where, according to legend, the Queen of Sheba lived and from which incense shipments bound for the Mediterranean departed.

As the memories and stories flowed, we saw from afar an elderly woman advancing toward us with a basket filled with flowers resting on her hip. His eyes were crystal clear, filled with life lived. We approached her, drawn by the precious contents: small jasmine, delicate white flowers with an intense sensual and feminine scent.

Those flowers also recalled the complicity between women of that moment and the memory of distant places and cultures. It was at that moment that we looked into each other’s eyes and decided to seal this story and tell it with a perfume, a citrusy flight called Limange.
Martha Rubino

Ingredients: organic jojoba oil, pure essential oils of lemon, petitgrain, mandarin, organic jasmine and frankincense.

Packaging is once again environmentally conscious. We chose a glass bottle with a wooden stopper and our recycled paper label.

Dermatologically tested (never on animals!).

Informazioni aggiuntive

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 3,5 × 3,5 × 6 cm

Ingredientas: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Citrus limon Peel Oil, Citrus Aurantium Amara Leaf/Twig Oil, Citrus Nobilis Peel Oil,Boswellia Carterii Essential Oil, Jasminum Officinale Flower Extract.

Warnings: External use

Allergeni: Limonene*,Linalool*,Gerianol*,Eugenol*Benzyl alcohol*,Benzyl benzoate*, D-Linalol*.

*Naturally contained in essential oils.

Customer Reviews

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Gabrielle Adams
Heaven in a bottle

I have purchased from La Selva previously and I have nothing but praise for the products and service.

mary bernhardt
Lovely, delicate perfume

Very nice, however, would love it if the scent lasted longer!

Grace Butler
Simply Beautiful..

Truly great product would definitly recommend x

Jane Packer
Beautiful perfume

I absolutely love the LiManGe perfume, it is such a pleasure to wear, smells amazing and feels so luxurious. I love the fact that it is so natural too.

Rhonda Yagey
Love my products!

Highly recommend the oil and soap! Can’t wait to put in my daughter in laws Christmas stockings!!! It smells like a slice of Italy

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